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Gudeg YOGYA + sambal goreng KRECEK

Gudeg YOGYA + sambal goreng KRECEK

1 kg of jackfruit who are parents (not too young and ill too old), cut into pieces (echa: 3 cans)
12 whole boiled eggs (peeled if you want to immerse marinade)
1000 cc of coconut water (echa: do not wear, but use 1 teaspoon vinegar)
80-10 bay leaves
5-8 slices galangal ½ x 8cm sliced lengthwise
200 gr brown sugar, chopped fine
2000 cc coconut milk from 1 coconut (echa: 1 liter of coconut milk box)

12 shallot
12 cloves garlic
1 tsp coriander (echa: 1 tablespoon)
2 tablespoons salt (echa: 3 tsp)

Phase I

1. Since cook it took a long time and until the liquid dries, then apply a thick mat pot.
2. Tata bay leaves cover the floor pan, grammar also sliced galangal thereon (other than as a flavoring, also serves as the base of this dish so as not to scorch).
3. Mix the ground spices with 500 cc of coconut water and stir well.
4. Enter consecutive young jackfruit pieces, boiled eggs, brown sugar, ground spices are disbursed flush with coconut water.
5. Add coconut milk to taste a high extent jackfruit + eggs earlier for terenda.
6. Cover pan tightly and cook over medium heat, without even opening the lid for about 2 hours.

Phase II

1. After 2 hours see whether the water is low, first lift the eggs and set aside temporarily in order not destroyed.
2. Enter the coconut milk, stir with wooden spoon while destroying pieces of jackfruit (duty not to bay leaves and lengkuasnya lifted. At this stage the volume of jackfruit into kurleb half.
3. Reinsert the eggs until slightly buried in the jackfruit.
4. Cook again over low heat for at least 3 hours.
5. Stir occasionally until the coconut milk runs out.
6. In this second stage usually cook up to 7 hours of use an electric stove with setting fire 1/2nya or 300W for flame stability awake, because if you use a gas stove, the fire rather die because a very small set.
7. The result is a beautiful warm reddish brown with a little liquid and condensed.
8. Pour areh / thick sauce over warm chicken opor this jackfruit taste when served.

Sambal goreng KRECEK

300 gr crackers special krecek cuisine (if you reply to eating directly often destroyed when cooked)
200 gr peanuts Tolo
50 gr large chili red, yellow and green (the amount can be adjusted with taste)
1 tsp acid
2 ltr milk of 1 coconut (separate the thick)
3 bay leaves
6 cm galangal, smashed
100 gr large red chili, trimmed, finely blender
100 cc cooking oil
salt to taste
brown sugar to taste

12 shallot
12 cloves garlic


1. Tolo Wash beans thoroughly, drain and put in boiling water until submerged kurleb dipanci 5 cm above it. Let stand for 2 hours, until beans expand.
2. Boil again, simmer for about 10 minutes (add water to remain submerged in water 5 cm above).
3. Drain and rinse by spraying water until bilasannya clear.
4. Soak krecek with plain water until soft, squeeze with both hands grasp each other for krecek not destroyed. Rinse and wring it out again several times in the same manner, until all the oil out of the brown-black and clear water.

5. Saute red pepper finely with a 100 cc cooking oil, until oil is out and red lights, set aside.
6. Saute seasoning mashed with a little oil remaining chili stir until fragrant, put lemon grass, lime leaves.
7. Pour the liquid coconut milk, bring to a boil, season salt and sugar.
8. Enter Tolo Beans, cook until done, then enter kreceknya and thick coconut milk.
9. Bucket-dipper for coconut milk is not broken, after enter the chili thickens slightly.
10. Cook until sauce thickens, and a bright red oil floating on the surface.

Pulp in the form of warm greetings, laos and slightly spicy jackfruit gosongan can be used to make egg pindang aftershocks. Add water to thin coconut milk, salt and sugar to taste until the skin diretakkan boiled egg which is submerged. Cook until skins brown eggs, and spices to infuse.

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